New Year New Blog

Well I have tried and tried to make my blogger blog all cute and such but I have come to the conclusion that that is just not going to happen. I you tube this and that and it just leaves me more confused ( for those of you that have it all figured out I prob sound like and idiot but oh well) I was just fed up with it so I ventured out for something new. Now will I like wordpress, I have no clue but a resolution of mine is to blog more this year so here goes nothing. I don’t really know where to start SO lets start in a name. I titled this blog three boys and a Mommy and yes I know I only have two sons but lets face it with a husband sometimes I totally feel like I am raising three boys, that and Lifewithboys was taken so that explains that. As far as design its very simplistic which I like. I hope to add a header ( if thats what it is even called over in word press land) but I am just going to take this one day at a time.

So now that I have explained the reasoning behind this new blog lets start with the juicy stuff. What has been going on in my world. Well lets see…. My big boy is 3.5 going on 16 and my little man is 9.5 months growing by leaps and bounds everyday! I love watching them grow but I sure would not mind them slowing down a bit. Mr. B ( I haven’t decided if I am going to use their names yet although I am sure any creepo internet person could prob track it down so who knows) is into everything. He pulls up on the furniture and cruises, he has even gotten 2 teeth since my birthday in December. He loves his brother and calling for dada but when he is upset only his mama will do. Mr. W on the other hand is a 100% daddys boy, I have to accept that to him I am chopped liver. It make me sad but at the same time I also love that his heart is filled with so much love for his daddy. That leads me to the Hubby he is crazy adventurous and currently pursuing new opportunities.

New Opportunities you might ask? Well the day before my birthday we found out he had been let go at his job. He was in the sales world and we all know how that goes. Is this a bad thing? Well if you look at it in the light of we now only have one income then yes it is a very bad thing. Luckily in the profession I am in I have the opportunity to pick up extra hours all the time so this will help out tons. But if you look at it in the grand scheme of things I really think it will be for the better. He worked 6 days a week 12 hrs a day so he wasnt able to spend tons of time with the boys or myself for that matter. So for the past few weeks he has been at home more and other than the small fights here and there over the obvious troubles that losing a job causes things have been great. The boys love it and I love it. As far as what the future holds he and his brother law are actually planning to start up their own landscape company ( so contact me if you need and estimate). To say that this doesnt stress me out would be a lie. I have never claimed to be the optimistic one of the family, I am a realist! And the reality of the situation is the fear of the unknown scares me to death.  I know in the end we will end up right where GOD wants us but to lose some of the control I thought I had is a real eye opener!

Things I hope to learn from this ( aka New Years Resolutions) are first and foremost to realize the above…GOD is in control wether we think we are or not. I pray that I will find peace in my husbands new endeavors and that I can once again be less stressed ( for those that know me well I am always stressed but right now the load is a tad bit heavier). I also hope to learn to SAVE bc up until now that has not been a strong point for me but honestly not having any other choice has surely got to help. I wouldn’t say we live beyond our means but we definitely could become a little more frugal… it wouldn’t hurt! I also think that everything happens for a reason and this will bring us back to the things that are important Family and Friends. We have a wonderful support system and I am very thankful for that. Geez as I type I already feel a sense of relief to get it all out. I was sure if I was going to vent about it all on the blog but its not like its any secret so why not get if off my chest. Other than the typical “lose weight goal” ( that has nothing to do with anything else in this blog so I will post about that later) my last resolution for the new year in relation to all these life changes, is to really get my photography business off the ground. I have a friend working on a website and I am looking into ways to present online galleries to clients and possibly offer prints. This all falls back to the everything happens for a reason and I always count myself out as if I am not good enough or that I am too afraid to try because I am afraid I will fail. Well there is no better time than now to kick it into high gear. After paying a small fortune last fall for some pretty awful photos I do feel that I have what it takes to kick it into gear.

Well thats life in a nutshell for me these days. Today we had some excitement bc Mr. W woke up in a world of pain he was screaming hysterically that his neck and head hurt. Well as a nurse I flipped I mean neck/head pain is not to be taken lightly. So off to the doctor I went with little man in tote. It was actually a blessing is disguise that my sis called me to see if she could come over and hang out. She was able to watch the baby so the Hubby could come be with us. We got into to see the Dr ( not out own but another in the group whose opinion I trust). He was definitely concerned but we were able to come to the conclusion that he had a pretty bad right ear infection and possibly a swollen lymph node (deeper than what dr could feel) that was causing the sever pain. A cbc showed his wbc was on 7 which was a relief. So we came home with orders for q6hr motrin and septra bid. Throughout the day he started acting more like himself but still wouldnt sit or stand. The MD even called later that evening to check on him and said he sounded better and hoped that kept us away from the ER. By the end of the night we got him to take a bath etc and he was even a little wild HA! He did look quite funny with his head cocked to the side but atleast he was up and moving. He is currently in bed sleeping and I pray that when he wakes up we have not taken 2 steps back! And also on that note the littlest Mr has had cough and cold symptoms that appear to be worsening so who knows if we will once again be heading to sick clinic in the am. Lets hope not!

Well this seems like a good place to end my first post. Like I said I hope to blog much more this year than in years past. I am also doing the picture 365 thing so I will post my progress on here from time to time. Guess I will edit some pictures now since I am WIDE awake at 3 am!

Thats it for now-

from the Mommy of some sick boys