A Lesson th Learn

So I have pretty much surrendered to the fact that there is some lesson to be learned from the rough patch I am in. You know the saying ” when it rains it pours” well there is no exception to that rule in my household. Most days I am ok with things, but then other days I just want to explode. Adjusting to the new “norm” has not been easy. I had a whole “vent” post typed and ready to post but then I didnt. I honestly dont want to be the grumpy little missy who is throwing a pitty party in the corner. I wanna learn from this season of our lives and hit the pavement running onto the next! So I wanna take a second to make myself accountable, yup thats right! I wanna acknowledge that it is what it is and I am here to make the best of it.

With that being said little by little I feel that I am getting clues as to what my lesson to learn is. I like to spend money. There I said it so now you know. I have always liked to spend a little too much money so it is no surprise that I have a bit of debt to tend to. Ive paid it off a few times and of course I say ” oh I wont get there again” but look who is there again. and no it is probably not much compared to the world average or anything like that, heck Ive had worse in years past but its debt none the less and I want it gone! And now that we only have one income the spending has slowed down…A LOT!But so has the income! I wish I could say spending has ceased but I am a woman of many flaws and shopping is one of them. But seeing how much we could be saving each month if we didnt have the above mentioned debt has me totally thinking. And that thinking is turning to changing! I am ready to tackle this little monster once and for all! With our taxes we will be paying off a good portion of what we owe which in turn will help us save more monthly to go to the rest of the debt. It pretty exciting to see that if we stay on track we should see some really great progress in the months to come and who knows maybe I can get rid of my last little bit of student loans by 2014! Our goal is to pay off everything and then start pouring our extra money into our house to pay it down and fix it up so that we can move. I know it wont happen over night but I cant wait to get started!!

Does anyone have any input as to how they got/stay debt free? If so I would love to hear about it!