New Material

So since I have come back from my mentoring session I honestly feel like my photos have grown! I have had 2 newborn sessions with 2 week olds since gettingback and I feel like I have rocked them both. Newborns have alsways seemed to me to be my weakest link. I am not go in low light settings and it never fails that all my newborns are low light. But now that I have lighting tricks I dont feel so intimidated. I am glad that we went to the mentoring session when we did bc it never fails that I get a little burnt out at the end of holiday season. I know it is bc I am going non stop but now that I am armed with all new goodies, tips and tricks I feel that I am ready to rock and roll come spring. Here is a peak at what I have been doing. Oh and the baby propped up on his hands…yeah that is my first attempt at a composite 🙂 Its actually two pics merged into one, yet another secret learned. Oh the places I hope to go this year!!!





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