My Boys

Where would I be without these wo stinkers??? they make my life complete and I absolutely love being their mommy! With Brooks getting older there is never a dull moment around our house anymore. I took these pictures for our monthly posts now I just need to get in photoshop and put it together. They are both changing so much. I think my most favorite thing relating to Will right now is that EVERYTHING and I mean everything is AWESOME! If only I could type out the way he says it you would see just what I mean. Its kind of like AWWWW-SUM (thank you ninja turtles) oh and that too I love that he likes my kinda cartoons. We still get to watch some of todays crazy weird stuff but he loves looney tunes, scooby and tmnt.

And then Mr. Brooks I am in love with his big tooth grin. He has been blessed with his mommas gigantic teeth. they are too cute now and I hope that they stay that way forever ( for his sake lol) Like anyother 10.5 mth old he is in to everything and knows when he is in something he shouldnt be ( and knows the tooth grin will cut him some slack)

I could go on and on about my boys but I will be posting updates soon so I will finish up now and leave you with some of their adorable-ness! Enjoy





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