Whirlwind of fun…and then some!

I am so excited to post about my little getaway! Thursday night I headed to Clarksville with another local photographer for a mentoring session with a fabulous photographer names April ( Pictured Moment by April). First thing friday morning we were off to photograph us some babies. Our little nugget did not want to cooperate that much so we had a change of plans and practiced with some baby dolls. I learned a lot about lighting which is awesome bc I find that when I am in low light situations I am kinda up a creek, but April showed me a few ways to resolve this problem so hopefull until I can buy dream equipment like hers I can make these tips and tricks work. She also really helped me with angles. I love getting unique angles and in the great outdoors during my other sessions I think I’ve got the hang of it but with babies they never end up how I want them to so the pic below is after April showed me how to achieve the look I was going for. The baby in this pic was actually laying flat. On top of light and angles I got some one on one editing pointers and I could not be more excited about this. I now know the mathmatical equation of perfect skin tone…YEAH! I took a bazillion notes so I cant wait to practice, practice, practice. Below is a quick edit I did before work tonight


Also on our way out this am we stopped by Miss Lucille’s antique store and omg I found the cutest props. I totally didnt need to spend the money but we spent a lot less on gas than I had imagined and I had already budgeted x amount of dollars for the trip so I did it 🙂 I have two newborn sessions this week and I cant wait to put them to use.

and in the bottom right of the pic below is the table I am having the hubby build for me. I am dying for a farm table and this one is amazing!!!




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