Birthday Planning


I am so excited to start planning Mister Brooksters first birthday. I have been pinning like crazy and everything pretty much revolves around two things….Bowties and Mustaches. My husband can now grow facial hair (he had to be well kept for his previous job) and he was all about some no shave November. And well anyone who knows him knows his love for the bow tie so I thought what better way to to celebrate a first birthday than with a “Southern Picnic”. I see seer sucker, bowties, a mustache photo booth and mason jars all in my decorative future!! I am going to have so much fun planning this party for sure. Now lets just hope the weather cooperates since it is in March!

And for Wills birthday in April I think we are going to go with CROSSFIRE in the old Dulins building it seems like it will be a lot of fun and less stress for this momma than to plane back to back parties at the house. I think after this year I may combine parties but I am not sure. But I knew they needed to be seperate this year. What are other Momma’s thoughts on combined parties? Yay or Nay?


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