Exciting News

I know this is my personal blog but I guess from time to time I will be adding business info to it. Most people that read this blog will know that on top of being a nurse I do photography on the side. Well with each passing year I am expanding and this past year was no different. I am excited to say that I have a website in the works. An co worker/friend of mines husband builds websites and is creating me one. He created my custom logo as well. Now shame on me it couldve probably already been up a running but I need to get him examples of my work. That is my goal for this week! I am excited and nervoud all at the same time but what better time than to dive in?! So anyways back to the fun stuff. Later on this month I am traveling to Nashville with another local photographer to do a newborn to do a newborn workshop with an awesome photographer. You can see her work on facebook under Pictured Moments by April. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I LOVE photography and feel like the biggest place I would like to grow this year would be in the newborn area. I mean I do newborn photos a lot but I dont always feel like I am bringing my a game. For instance when it comes to lighting etc. For me personally if it rains the day of a session I often reschedule and I hate that for my clients bc you wanna get pics at the earliest time possible. So heres to hoping I fill my brain with all sorts of new stuff!!! I look forward to sharing how things went after I get back. I still have a few weeks befor I go though. I cant wait to fulfill one of my 2013 goals and get Bousson Photography Rocking in 2013!!


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