An update on Mr. Will

So I can proudly say that Mr. Will is in better shape. After a day of rest on the couch ( I dont think I could’ve gotten him up if I tried he was pitiful) he is back to his crazy self! I really felt so bad for him. At one point thursday he looked at me from his spot on the couch and said mommy can you get me a toy to play with please. My heart was officially melted and he could’ve asked for a pont and this momma would’ve delivered.  With him on the mend of course Mr. Brooks had to start misbehaving. Poor thing at first I thought he had RSV but to be honest I think he may just have a cold or it could be his 4 teeth he is cutting at one time that are giving him so much trouble. They are so cute but I feel so bad for him that they are all attempting to make an appearance at once. Hopefully we can all be on the mend real soon. I feel as if I am coming down with something but I hoping it is just all the extra shifts I am pulling.


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