My Boys

Where would I be without these wo stinkers??? they make my life complete and I absolutely love being their mommy! With Brooks getting older there is never a dull moment around our house anymore. I took these pictures for our monthly posts now I just need to get in photoshop and put it together. They are both changing so much. I think my most favorite thing relating to Will right now is that EVERYTHING and I mean everything is AWESOME! If only I could type out the way he says it you would see just what I mean. Its kind of like AWWWW-SUM (thank you ninja turtles) oh and that too I love that he likes my kinda cartoons. We still get to watch some of todays crazy weird stuff but he loves looney tunes, scooby and tmnt.

And then Mr. Brooks I am in love with his big tooth grin. He has been blessed with his mommas gigantic teeth. they are too cute now and I hope that they stay that way forever ( for his sake lol) Like anyother 10.5 mth old he is in to everything and knows when he is in something he shouldnt be ( and knows the tooth grin will cut him some slack)

I could go on and on about my boys but I will be posting updates soon so I will finish up now and leave you with some of their adorable-ness! Enjoy





New Material

So since I have come back from my mentoring session I honestly feel like my photos have grown! I have had 2 newborn sessions with 2 week olds since gettingback and I feel like I have rocked them both. Newborns have alsways seemed to me to be my weakest link. I am not go in low light settings and it never fails that all my newborns are low light. But now that I have lighting tricks I dont feel so intimidated. I am glad that we went to the mentoring session when we did bc it never fails that I get a little burnt out at the end of holiday season. I know it is bc I am going non stop but now that I am armed with all new goodies, tips and tricks I feel that I am ready to rock and roll come spring. Here is a peak at what I have been doing. Oh and the baby propped up on his hands…yeah that is my first attempt at a composite 🙂 Its actually two pics merged into one, yet another secret learned. Oh the places I hope to go this year!!!




Whirlwind of fun…and then some!

I am so excited to post about my little getaway! Thursday night I headed to Clarksville with another local photographer for a mentoring session with a fabulous photographer names April ( Pictured Moment by April). First thing friday morning we were off to photograph us some babies. Our little nugget did not want to cooperate that much so we had a change of plans and practiced with some baby dolls. I learned a lot about lighting which is awesome bc I find that when I am in low light situations I am kinda up a creek, but April showed me a few ways to resolve this problem so hopefull until I can buy dream equipment like hers I can make these tips and tricks work. She also really helped me with angles. I love getting unique angles and in the great outdoors during my other sessions I think I’ve got the hang of it but with babies they never end up how I want them to so the pic below is after April showed me how to achieve the look I was going for. The baby in this pic was actually laying flat. On top of light and angles I got some one on one editing pointers and I could not be more excited about this. I now know the mathmatical equation of perfect skin tone…YEAH! I took a bazillion notes so I cant wait to practice, practice, practice. Below is a quick edit I did before work tonight


Also on our way out this am we stopped by Miss Lucille’s antique store and omg I found the cutest props. I totally didnt need to spend the money but we spent a lot less on gas than I had imagined and I had already budgeted x amount of dollars for the trip so I did it 🙂 I have two newborn sessions this week and I cant wait to put them to use.

and in the bottom right of the pic below is the table I am having the hubby build for me. I am dying for a farm table and this one is amazing!!!



Birthday Planning


I am so excited to start planning Mister Brooksters first birthday. I have been pinning like crazy and everything pretty much revolves around two things….Bowties and Mustaches. My husband can now grow facial hair (he had to be well kept for his previous job) and he was all about some no shave November. And well anyone who knows him knows his love for the bow tie so I thought what better way to to celebrate a first birthday than with a “Southern Picnic”. I see seer sucker, bowties, a mustache photo booth and mason jars all in my decorative future!! I am going to have so much fun planning this party for sure. Now lets just hope the weather cooperates since it is in March!

And for Wills birthday in April I think we are going to go with CROSSFIRE in the old Dulins building it seems like it will be a lot of fun and less stress for this momma than to plane back to back parties at the house. I think after this year I may combine parties but I am not sure. But I knew they needed to be seperate this year. What are other Momma’s thoughts on combined parties? Yay or Nay?

Exciting News

I know this is my personal blog but I guess from time to time I will be adding business info to it. Most people that read this blog will know that on top of being a nurse I do photography on the side. Well with each passing year I am expanding and this past year was no different. I am excited to say that I have a website in the works. An co worker/friend of mines husband builds websites and is creating me one. He created my custom logo as well. Now shame on me it couldve probably already been up a running but I need to get him examples of my work. That is my goal for this week! I am excited and nervoud all at the same time but what better time than to dive in?! So anyways back to the fun stuff. Later on this month I am traveling to Nashville with another local photographer to do a newborn to do a newborn workshop with an awesome photographer. You can see her work on facebook under Pictured Moments by April. To say I am excited would be an understatement. I LOVE photography and feel like the biggest place I would like to grow this year would be in the newborn area. I mean I do newborn photos a lot but I dont always feel like I am bringing my a game. For instance when it comes to lighting etc. For me personally if it rains the day of a session I often reschedule and I hate that for my clients bc you wanna get pics at the earliest time possible. So heres to hoping I fill my brain with all sorts of new stuff!!! I look forward to sharing how things went after I get back. I still have a few weeks befor I go though. I cant wait to fulfill one of my 2013 goals and get Bousson Photography Rocking in 2013!!

An update on Mr. Will

So I can proudly say that Mr. Will is in better shape. After a day of rest on the couch ( I dont think I could’ve gotten him up if I tried he was pitiful) he is back to his crazy self! I really felt so bad for him. At one point thursday he looked at me from his spot on the couch and said mommy can you get me a toy to play with please. My heart was officially melted and he could’ve asked for a pont and this momma would’ve delivered.  With him on the mend of course Mr. Brooks had to start misbehaving. Poor thing at first I thought he had RSV but to be honest I think he may just have a cold or it could be his 4 teeth he is cutting at one time that are giving him so much trouble. They are so cute but I feel so bad for him that they are all attempting to make an appearance at once. Hopefully we can all be on the mend real soon. I feel as if I am coming down with something but I hoping it is just all the extra shifts I am pulling.